At One Tree Studio we minimise the impact we have on climate change by creating environmentally responsible furniture. 

To this end we endeavor to maintain a carbon neutral business, offsetting greenhouse gas generating activities with tree planting. We plant trees to expand the sections of rainforest along Moggill Creek on our property in Brookfield. We have put in hundreds of plants in the last few years.

We plant and maintain 1 tree for every $100 spent by our customers, ensuring that all our furniture will be carbon neutral. We partner with Land for Wildlife and the Moggill Creek Catchment Group as we play our part in reestablishing this beautiful and important remnant rainforest.

We produce furniture from both reclaimed and new timber.  All new timber that we purchase has either Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) or PEFC certification. This certification guarantees our new timber comes from social, economic and environmentally sustainable sources.

 Bush regeneration along Moggill Creek, Brookfield