The "Make A Difference" collection is a small selection of fair trade and ethical items that have all been handcrafted in Nepal, including Tibetan jewellery, organically tanned buffalo leather bags and handmade felt homewares.  All makers are very well looked after by trading partners who adhere to fair trade principles.  No child or bonded labour of any kind is used in any of these pieces.  

All makers 

  • are paid a fair wage
  • have access to childcare and creche while working
  • are allowed public holidays and festivals off work without penalty
  • have a safe, acceptable working environment with adequate lighting and ventilation
  • have opportunity for advancement and access to training
  • are employed regardless of gender, age or impairment


Tibetan style jewellery pieces; rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces, inlaid with semi precious stones such as turpuoise, lapis lazuli and carnelian. All pieces are handmade by home based workers in Nepal. Look great and feel good knowing you are contributing to equal, safe work practices and fair payment.

Organic Leather Bags

This small selection of ethically produced, organically tanned buffalo leather bags are handmade in Nepal following traditional tanning and craft practices. All cloth used is hand woven in Nepal using traditional craft techniques on a backstrap loom. 

Felt Items

These cute felt pieces are handcrafted in Nepal by experienced felt makers, using Australian and New Zealand sheep's' wool.