One Tree Studio (previously trading as Uptown Funky Junk) specialises in hand crafting beautiful furniture from environmentally friendly reclaimed and new timbers. We rescue old timber from workers cottages, wharves and warehouses to create sustainable and beautiful pieces of furniture.

We also purchase new furniture grade timbers for many of our pieces. Where new timber is used we ensure that it is from certified sustainable sources. Our business is 100% carbon neutral - see our Sustainability page for more details.

One Tree Studio is located in Brookfield, Brisbane, although we can ship Australia wide.  Susan is the creative force and owner of the business whilst husband Mike can usually be found in the workshop and is happiest with a chisel or plane in his hands. We have three children, several chooks and two dogs.

Contact us on 0403 332 807 or to discuss custom furniture or designs. If we are not making sawdust we are always happy to chat...