Why Custom Furniture Works

Have you ever stayed up way too late at night searching the internet for the perfect desk, table or other piece of furniture for your requirements?  The table needs to be narrow enough to fit in that space and match the dresser timber colour and style.  As you crawl into bed in frustration at midnight, you wonder why it is so hard to find exactly what you want with the power of the web.

This is where custom furniture really works.  As the customer you get to specify exactly the size, colour, style, surface finish or anything else you want for the piece.  You do not need to have all the details worked out and can specify as little or much as you like.  Send a picture saying you like those table legs and another photo of your dresser timber colour and the exact image in your mind can be designed and created!

At Uptown Funky Junk, most of the furniture we make is custom work - some of it based on furniture on our website, some of it nothing like it. For the customer, it provides a piece of furniture that completely fits their needs. It is also special having something that is unique and one-of -a-kind in this world of mass produced products.

Some people are scared off because they think custom means the furniture will be a lot more expensive. At Uptown Funky Junk this is definitely not the case, as it generally takes no longer to make a piece of furniture to your requirements than making up our own - what you are paying for is our time and skills. So go ahead, email us for a quote - you may be pleasantly surprised and you'll get to sleep earlier!



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