Wasted Wood

West End is currently having our annual kerbside collection for items people want to throw out. This is an exciting time of the year for me as there are piles of timber lining the streets looking for someone to take them home!

I have collected a lot of timber that was destined for landfill. It is a satisfying experience to turn something seen an junk into a piece of furniture that someone wants to put in their home.

Here are some before after photos of a coffee table I recently made for a client from reclaimed timber.

The selected timber;-

Selected Timber 

The transformation begins;-

Dressed Timber

Attaching the legs;-

Partially Constructed

The finished coffee table;-

Finished coffee table (front)

Finished coffee table (side)

If you have some timber that you want transformed into furniture drop us line.


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One person’s junk is another person’s beautiful furniture. All in the eye and skill of the carpenter. Love the furniture! (and the metaphor).

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