Mid-Century Modern Furniture Design

Mid-century modern furniture spans the period of time from the end of WWII until the late 1960s and has it's origins in reconciling traditional craftsmanship with industrial production. Modernism is characterised by clean simple designs that empasise curves and angles rather than ornamental features. In the words of Hans Wegner it was an antidote for "the endless, tired imitations of period furniture".

Whilst some people have moved on from mid-century modern furniture, the classic designs are still in production today. People are rediscovering the mid-century modern credo that furniture should be functional and beautiful.

Another quote from Wegner captures the design philosophy well;-

"There is much confusion today about what is modern, what is functional, and my hope always is that people will not be drawn to novelty, but will learn to value what is simple and pure in good designs. And things should do the job they are designed for. I don't think that's asking too much."

A sample of some of the iconic mid-century modern furniture is shown below.

Arne Jacobsen - Egg Chair (1958)

Egg Chair

 Hans Wegner Dining Table (1950s)

Hans Wegner Table

 Isamu Noguchi Coffee Table (1947)

Nelson / Miller Credenza (1960s)


If you want some mid-century style furniture made, drop us a line at Uptown Funky Junk.  No egg chair though - we don't do egg chairs...


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