Maleny Wood Expo report

This long weekend we were at the Maleny Wood Expo and had a great time.  I wouldn't want to do stalls at markets / festivals every weekend but every now and then it is a good experience.

Highlights for me included see some incredible wood carving exhibits and watching a SawStop circular saw demonstration. The demonstration showed a very clever safety feature of this machine to help prevent fingers being accidentally removed (a reasonably common occurrence with woodworkers!).  A sausage (representing a finger) was pushed into the spinning blade which then stopped with a loud bang but with no damage to the sausage.  The trick is designing the braking mechanism to stop the 4000 rpm blade before it removes a finger. If you want to see the inventor put his finger into the blade you can watch it here (scroll to 4:00 minutes).

Here a few snaps from the weekend...

Chainsaw wood carving:-


Wooden toy truck:-


So many stalls with beautiful timber slabs for sale:-


Gandalf now plays tuba:-


Our stall:- 







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