Beauty is not skin deep

One of the exciting things about working with wood is watching how it changes as you cut, sand, stain and finish it. When working with old weathered timber this process is even more fascinating. You never know what beauty is hidden beneath the grime until you start planing back the surface.

The timber below was salvaged from a wharf at Kangaroo Point in Brisbane and looks like it is only good for firewood.

Boardwalk timber

With a bit of thought and a many hours of effort this old timber was transformed into what could well be the worlds most solid coffee table, "The Wharfie" (if you like it, you cn purchase it here from our website!).

If you have ever sanded back a timber floor you will be familiar with how timber can be transformed with a bit of love and attention. 

As with people, beauty in timber is often not visible on the surface...



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