Amazing Furniture

Some people are very clever and have way too much time on there hands. Here are some incredible pieces of furniture that will blow your mind. At Uptown Funky Junk we are not nearly smart enough to make any of these, so don't ask!

1. Expanding Round Table

Expanding round table

To see how impressive this crazy table is, you need to watch the 57 second YouTube clip of it here. An automated version of this table sells for around $70,000.

 2. Coffee Bench by Karolina Tylka

Multi-purpose seat / table combination depending on your needs.

Seat / Table

3. Kai table by Naoki Hirakoso

This table is a puzzle box that unfolds to reveal a lot of hidden storage compartments in a very impressive design. It can be yours for about $12,000.

Puzzle box

Puzzle box - expanded


Great furniture starts with a great design, so get your sketch book out and start creating...




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